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Finding the best school and perfect family home in London


Moving overseas with children is a juggling act: with so many things to manage at once, it requires skills and dedication.

That’s why Stephanie turned to Simply London to help her plan and execute her family’s entire move.


How we helped

“The team at Simply London were a fantastic resource for our family’s move to London. We needed assistance with pretty much everything. But where the team went above and beyond was in assisting us find a great school for our children.”

The school and neighbourhood search plays a vital role in achieving a successful relocation for the whole family – especially for the children.

Simply London was able to assist Stephanie with the entire process:

  • defining their requirements
  • identifying suitable schools
  • identifying suitable family locations
  • applying for school places
  • finding and securing the family home

Once school places were secured, the entire home search was conducted in the school’s vicinity within a few days, enabling the family to move over with the reassurance that everything was ready for them, and they had made the best choices for their family.

“The kids love the school, and we’ve made some fantastic friends from the school and neighbourhood that we love”.

Once the school and home were finalised, Simply London even set up the family’s all important broadband connection, their bank account, utilities, council tax, and guided them through the health system registrations.

Why Simply London for your family move to London?

Expert advice

We will help you make the right choices for your family.

All school types

We work with all state and private schools in and around London.

Peace of mind

We will be with you until your family has moved successfully.

How we worked with previous families...


Here’s what our customers have to say…

Nothing brings a smile to our face more than helping you in any way we can.

Here are some of our recent reviews from our beloved customers.

We are so very happy and feel extremely lucky that both our boys have been accepted into our first choice of state schools. Great schools, as we believe! We are extremely thankful for all your help and support. You have been amazing and we could not have done it without you!

Kameliya P

Thank you simply London team for your availability and for our successful family relocation! Our children are happy with their new school, we are staying in a pleasant and very convenient area for the whole family. Your support was so efficient that we could enjoy the London life without anything major to worry about. We recommend Simply London.

Clem & FM

Simply London was essential to my family’s move. We wanted a comfortable rental with good state schools, with a reasonable commute. This required a lot of juggling: interviewing us to understand what we wanted; guiding us through the property visits, herding the various parties to execute in an expedient manner so the school application could be completed on time.

Mary W

I engaged Simply London services as I was facing challenges in identifying a state school for my two young children. Thanks to Simply London, we had the children in school around 1 week after arriving in the UK.

Rochelle H

Simply London makes your family relocation simpler and secure. You can trust them. They have the right knowledge, network and experience to make your relocation in London easier with your family from searching a school, a property, to helping get everything set up for your arrival. Lots of energy, reliable and extremely reactive. Thank you again for your great services.

Geraldine & Eric F

The team at Simply London were a fantastic resource for our relocation to London. We needed assistance with everything: we needed to find a home to live in, get bank accounts setup and all the necessary living services setup. But where the team was above and beyond was in finding us a placement in a top notch school for both kids, which was close to our family home.

Dave A