Guide to Settling In in London - £14.99

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A practical guide to settling in the UK and into your new home

Learn how to:

  • Sign up for electricity, gas and water services
  • Understand council tax and how much to pay
  • Understand the TV licence and why you need one
  • Find the best internet, TV, and mobile phone deals
  • Get a National Insurance Number
  • Understand the National Health Service
  • Register with a doctor
  • Open a bank account
  • Sign up for the right home insurance

13 pages. Updated April 2023.

Over a decade of London relocation experience in your pocket

At Simply London we eat, sleep and breathe London. We have already helped hundreds of clients relocate to London. By downloading this guide, you tap into all the knowledge we have acquired over the years while helping people like you.

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All the information you need to successfully settle in in London – including opening a bank account, finding a doctor, and registering for council tax.

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