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State School Search in London

Helping your children find the best state schools in London

Looking for state schools in London for your children? Our Schools Experts can help:

Our London-based, friendly School Experts have extensive knowledge and years of experience in helping clients secure places in state schools in London.

Preparation and information are paramount to a successful state school application.

Working with Simply London means you will have a dedicated Simply London Schools Expert who will:

  • Answer all your questions to the best of their knowledge
  • Guide you to choose the best neighbourhood for state schools & for your family budget
  • Accompany the entire application process until successful

Why are state school applications so difficult in London?

Applying for state schools is not as easy as applying for private schools, for the following reasons:

  1. Most London state schools are full
  2. There is no guarantee of obtaining a place in your preferred school
  3. You cannot apply without a permanent UK address

This means that the choice of neighbourhood will be essential to a successful school application strategy.

And yes, it also means that you will start renting and living somewhere in London, without being sure which school your children will start in :-(.

Whilst we cannot change the system (we wish we could!), we bring our extensive experience of navigating the state school system to you, in order to maximise your chances of getting places in the best possible state schools for your children.

How do we help you find the best state schools for your children?

If you are moving to London with your family for the first time, you will be faced with very important choices:

  • Which neighbourhood with good state schools to live in
  • Which state school(s) to apply for

Defining your schooling & rental budget requirements will be the first step of our work with you:

  • If you are already set on a specific London neighbourhood, we will search for the best state schools in and around that area.
  • If you are open about where to live, we will suggest several neighbourhoods in London that suit your schooling and rental requirements.

We will then:

  1. Contact the local Borough’s admission team to find out about your chances of admission into the local schools
  2. Assist you with preparing the all-important applications, including gathering the required proofs of address (once you have secured a permanent address in the Borough*)
  3. Follow-up with the admission team, until a response has been received and a place has been offered to your children.

* We can assist with your rental home search too, follow this link to read about our service.

Why Simply London to find state schools for your children?


Your dedicated Schools Expert will help you make the right choices for your children and family.

State Schools expertise

We have helped dozens of families get into London state schools.

Peace of mind

We will be with you every step of the way, until your children have found the best possible state school.


What our customers say about the State School search service…

We are so very happy and feel extremely lucky that both our boys have been accepted into our first choice of state schools. Great schools, as we believe! We are extremely thankful for all your help and support. You have been amazing and we could not have done it without you!

Kameliya P

Sylvie and the Simply London team are amazing! The school search service was invaluable - Sylvie helped us quickly gather all the necessary paperwork and coordinated the application process so that our son could start at a great state school soon after arriving in the UK.

Nina VW.

I engaged Simply London services as I was facing challenges in identifying a state school for my two young children. Thanks to Simply London, we had the children in school around 1 week after arriving in the UK.

Rochelle H

Simply London was essential to my family’s move. We wanted a comfortable rental with good state schools, with a reasonable commute. This required a lot of juggling: interviewing us to understand what we wanted; guiding us through the property visits, herding the various parties to execute in an expedient manner so the school application could be completed on time.

Mary W

How it works: watch the video (1:16)

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