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Private School Search in London

Helping your children find the best private schools in London

Looking for private schools in London for your children? Our London-based Schools Experts can help:

Our friendly, London-based School Experts have extensive knowledge, and years of experience in helping clients secure places in private schools in London.

Whether you are looking for a British private school, an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, or any other type of private school (for example a French school, or an American school), we are here to guide you and support you.

Working with Simply London means you will have a dedicated Simply London Schools Expert who will:

  • Answer all your questions to the best of their knowledge
  • Guide you to choose the best private schools for your children
  • Accompany the entire application process until successful

How do we work with you on finding private schools for your children?

If you are moving to London with your family for the first time, you will be faced with very important choices:

  • Where to live as a family
  • Which school(s) to choose for your children

The great thing about private schools is that you can apply for any of them without having to live nearby at the time of the application.

The drawback is that there are so many private school options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to get started!

Defining your educational objectives, as well as your lifestyle & rental budget requirements to find schools in the right areas for your family, will be the first step of our work with you:

  • If you are already set on a specific London neighbourhood, we will search for the best possible schools in and around that area.
  • If you are open about where to live, we will narrow down the areas and schools options for you, giving you all the information you need to decide which schools you want to apply for, and, ultimately, where you might be living.

We will then:

  1. Give you a number of school options to choose from,
  2. Contact the schools on your behalf,
  3. Assist you with preparing the applications, from coordinating tests and interviews if required by the school, to gathering the required references and school reports,
  4. Filling out the all-important application form for each selected school,
  5. Following up with each school that has been applied for, until your children have been offered places.

Why Simply London to find your child's private school in London?


Your dedicated Schools Expert will help you make the right choices for your children and family.

Private Schools expertise

We have helped dozens of families get into London private schools.

Peace of mind

We will be with you every step of the way, until your children have found the best private school for their education.


What our customers say about our Private School Search service

"Simply London accompanied us throughout the process of registering our two children at school. We decided to contact them to help us with school and it was the best decision we made! Today our children attend to two excellent schools that are less than a 10-minute walk from our house. I only have words of thanks! :)"


"Suggested and found us a school in record time. This team made the school search and selection painless."


The team at Simply London were a fantastic resource for our relocation to London. We needed assistance with everything: we needed to find a home to live in, get bank accounts setup and all the necessary living services setup. But where the team was above and beyond was in finding us a placement in a top notch school for both kids, which was close to our family home.

Dave A

Thank you simply London team for your availability and for our successful family relocation! Our children are happy with their new school, we are staying in a pleasant and very convenient area for the whole family. Your support was so efficient that we could enjoy the London life without anything major to worry about. We recommend Simply London.

Clem & FM

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