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Helping your children find the best schools in London

Looking to find schools in London for your children? Our London-based Schools Experts can help:

Our Simply London School Expert will:

  • Explain the schools system & admissions process
  • Select the most suitable schools for your children
  • Assist you with your applications until your children have received a school place.
  • Work with you throughout the entire school finding process, until your children have started at their new London school!

All our Schools Experts are based in London and have extensive knowledge of state schools, private schools, and international schools – in and around London.

Which type of school are you looking for?

State School

Our State School search service will enable you to find and apply for the best state schools.

Find a state school

Private school

Our Private School search service will enable you to find and apply for the best private schools.

Find a private school

Not sure yet?

We look at all options for you and guide you to make the right choices.

Find a private & state school

State School Search



  • Your dedicated Simply London Schools Expert
  • School selection
  • School applications
  • School place acceptance

Private School Search



  • Your dedicated Simply London Schools Expert
  • School selection
  • School applications
  • School place acceptance

Private & State School Search



  • Your dedicated Simply London Schools Expert
  • School selection
  • School applications
  • School place acceptance
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Does your service guarantee us a place in our favourite school?

No, it doesn’t (we wish we could!).

Our service is about guiding you to find the best school options for your children, and going through the application process with the best chances of success.

Do you have relationships that would help us get places in oversubscribed schools?

For state schools, the system doesn’t work like that, as it is based on a rigorous ranking of the applications received.

For private schools, it depends. If there is no place available at all in your targeted school year, then we will not be able to make a miracle. For certain schools, our relationship might help, but we would be lying if we said we can help for each of the 500  private schools there are in London.

Our added value lies in finding several good options for your children, so you maximise your chances of getting a place in a good or outstanding school.

Do I need to choose between state and private school beore engaging your services?

Absolutely not!

In fact, quite often, the first part of the work we do with our clients is to evaluate both systems for your children, and guide you to make the best decision – be it to apply for state and private schools, state schools only, or private schools only.

Will I be working with the same person within the Simply London team?

Absolutely! One of our fantastic team members will become your dedicated Simply London Expert. She will be your only point of contact throughout, and will be working with you until your children have started school.

Testimonials School Search

Here is what our customers say about the School Search Service…

"Suggested and found us a school in record time. This team made the school search and selection painless."


"Moving our family to London during the pandemic seemed impossible until we started working with Simply London. The school search service was invaluable - our son started at a great school soon after arriving in the UK. We could not be happier with Simply London."

Nina V.W.

"Simply London accompanied us throughout the process of registering our two children at school. We decided to contact them to help us with school and it was the best decision we made! Today our children attend to two excellent schools that are less than a 10-minute walk from our house. I only have words of thanks! :)"


Sylvie and the Simply London team are amazing! The school search service was invaluable - Sylvie helped us quickly gather all the necessary paperwork and coordinated the application process so that our son could start at a great state school soon after arriving in the UK.

Nina VW.

We are so very happy and feel extremely lucky that both our boys have been accepted into our first choice of state schools. Great schools, as we believe! We are extremely thankful for all your help and support. You have been amazing and we could not have done it without you!

Kameliya P

Thank you simply London team for your availability and for our successful family relocation! Our children are happy with their new school, we are staying in a pleasant and very convenient area for the whole family. Your support was so efficient that we could enjoy the London life without anything major to worry about. We recommend Simply London.

Clem & FM

Simply London was essential to my family’s move. We wanted a comfortable rental with good state schools, with a reasonable commute. This required a lot of juggling: interviewing us to understand what we wanted; guiding us through the property visits, herding the various parties to execute in an expedient manner so the school application could be completed on time.

Mary W

The team at Simply London were a fantastic resource for our relocation to London. We needed assistance with everything: we needed to find a home to live in, get bank accounts setup and all the necessary living services setup. But where the team was above and beyond was in finding us a placement in a top notch school for both kids, which was close to our family home.

Dave A

I engaged Simply London services as I was facing challenges in identifying a state school for my two young children. Thanks to Simply London, we had the children in school around 1 week after arriving in the UK.

Rochelle H

Simply London makes your family relocation simpler and secure. You can trust them. They have the right knowledge, network and experience to make your relocation in London easier with your family from searching a school, a property, to helping get everything set up for your arrival. Lots of energy, reliable and extremely reactive. Thank you again for your great services.

Geraldine & Eric F

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