Virtual rental viewings in London

What are virtual rental viewings?

As relocation experts, at Simply London we know how difficult it can be to schedule viewings and just how time-consuming they can be to conduct.

That’s why we have introduced our convenient and innovative virtual viewings service that helps you overcome geographical and time constraints.

One of our trusted team of relocation experts will visit the rental properties we have helped you select, and record detailed videos on your behalf.

Who are they for?

Virtual rental viewings are ideal if:

– You live in London, but don’t have time to attend viewings yourself.

– You haven’t relocated to London yet, and travelling there is too expensive and/or time-consuming.

A virtual viewing is like sending a member of your family to view a property for you – your happiness is their priority!

In addition to your comprehensive virtual viewing, you will benefit from each property being assessed by one of our experienced property experts.

How do virtual rental viewings work?

One of our trusted team of relocation experts will film every room in the property, the view from every window, the surrounding streets and any outside space, to provide you with as much information as possible.

They will also take the time to assess any other elements you have highlighted – from the noise level coming from the street to the steepness of the stairs.

What does your service include?

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