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Why use a pet-friendly home search service?

Finding a suitable pet-friendly rental property in London presents additional challenges compared to a standard home search:

  • Pet adverse landlords: landlords in London typically don’t allow pets; and those that do might end up choosing a non-pet owner over you, such is the demand for rental property in the capital. This severely limits the number of suitable properties to choose from.
  • Building rules: sometimes a landlord will be pet-friendly but the building their flat is in won’t. Unfortunately, you should abide by the building’s regulations.
  • Number of pets: the more pets you have (or sometimes the larger they are), the harder it will be to find your ideal home.

To help you overcome the challenges you might face, we will help you every step of the way until we are sure you and your pet have settled into your ideal London home.

Finding your pet-friendly home in 7 simple steps

Why Simply London to find your pet-friendly home in London?

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We don't waste your time with properties that are not pet-friendly.


We have successfully relocated dozens of clients with pets.

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Here is what our customers say about the Pet-friendly Home Search Service

We didn’t realise finding a cat-friendly flat in London would present so many challenges. Thankfully, Simply London worked tirelessly to help us find a home in our favourite part of London that’s within our budget – and most importantly, is perfect for our cat Bella!

Trevor P.

Simply London’s caring, thorough and knowledgeable approach to pet-friendly relocations helped us find the perfect home for our whole family, including our beloved dog Bess. Now we have a lovely garden for Bess to enjoy and plenty of green open space nearby for walks.

Sandra D.

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