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Experiencing difficulty using your Member account?
Have a question about the site?
You can:
  • Check the FAQs below for a quick and easy answer
  • Contact us using the form below
  • Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9 – 6 UK time. We respond to messages within 4 hours during these times.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time by going to your account page and selecting the Subscriptions tab. Here you will see an option to ‘Cancel’ next to your current subscription.

Once you cancel your account you will retain access to the premium content until your current subscription period ends.

You can of course re-join anytime in the future!

I am a Member but I can't access the I can't access the Members-only content

Please go to your account page, select the Subscriptions tab, and check that your membership subscription is showing as active.

If your subscription is active, then please try logging out of your account, clearing your browser cache and then logging back in again.

If this does not fix the issue please contact us using the form below and let us know what page you are receiving this error for.

Can I upgrade to a longer subscription?

If you currently are on a monthly subscription, you can upgrade to a longer access period anytime with a couple of clicks from the registration page. Select your subscription, and click “Upgrade”.

Can I access Members-only content once I cancel my membership, or once it has expired?

No. Your membership entitles you to enter the members area and access the content there released prior and during the duration of your membership.

If you cancel, or do not renew your membership, you will no longer be able to access the Members-only content.

However, if you have downloaded some of the guides made available, you can still keep them and use them 🙂

What if I don’t enjoy my Simply London Membership after joining?

We hope you will LOVE your Simply London Membership! However, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way, we have a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked). All you need to do is contact us using the contact form below and we will refund your money.

Do you offer one-to-one consultations or full-range services?

We do!

For quick practical help, try our Express Services – members get 10% off!

You can check out our range of services and consultations.

Do you offer downloadable content?

We do!

Browse our range of Downloadable Guides – members get 10% off!

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