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What makes a country attractive for international mobility?

Countries across the world are increasingly competing for talent, on an international level. So do large corporations. So what makes one country more attractive to move talent to for an international corporation?

The regulatory framework plays an essential role – what cost and resources are needed to make sure that employees can move quickly from one place to the other, without too much of a waiting game. An additional element will be the stability of the regulatory framework over time, meaning how stable are the immigration rules for a specific country.

More generally, other factors like ease of doing business, work tax incentives will increase the competitiveness of a country against another.

Finally, from an employee perspective, softer factors like the local language, lifestyle, and educational system will play a major role in their decision to relocate to a specific country.

It is therefore important that countries wishing to attract talent and international corporations make it as easy as possible to obtain the necessary paperwork, but also that the infrastructure on a city level is available to individuals wishing to make the most out of their time abroad.

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