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What is a London Borough?

Whether you are looking to apply for state schools in London, or register for your Council Tax, knowing your London Borough will be important.

What is a London Borough?

1. A local authority district

Essentially, a London Borough is an administrative part of London, which has its own “authorities” and manages local activities, such as schools, roads, waste, libraries, etc. The Council tax payments made by residents, contributes to the cost of these things.

There are 12 Inner Boroughs in London, the City of London which is a separate London, and a total of 32 Greater London Boroughs (including the ones slightly more on the outskirts of London).

2. How do I find my Borough?

The easiest way is to enter your postcode onto this website:

Each Borough has its own website, and you can administer many services online by registering with them, including making payments online.

3. Do I have to register with my local Borough when I move to London?

You do not have to tell a Borough that you have moved into their area, unlike in some other countries where this is a legal requirement.

However you would have to register with them for Council Tax (even if you are applying for a discount or an exemption) if you are renting within the Borough’s geographic remit.

So in effect, most people will have to.

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