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What do relocation packages include?

What do relocation packages include?

If only relocating to London was as simple as booking your flights, packing your bags, and jetting off to start a readymade life in the UK capital. But moving to a new country is like anything worthwhile in life: it requires a lot of effort. That doesn’t mean you can’t relieve yourself of some of the burden during your relocation, so you can concentrate on enjoying this life-enhancing experience.

Guide to London Neighbourhoods  £14.99

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All the information you need to pick the right London neighbourhood to live in. Includes top 10 areas for professionals and top 10 areas for families, and for each area: neighbourhood highlights, average rents updated each month.

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A Simply London relocation package can do just that. Just identify what aspects of your move you want assistance with and let us take care of the rest. Typical services include:

Home search

You’ll need to find somewhere to live before you can start arranging anything else. To begin with, you might need help choosing an area of London that matches your requirements and personality – with factors like the commute, school catchment areas, social scene, green space, and affordable rental prices on your checklist.

Once we have helped you decide where to live, your property search can begin in earnest. Our housing experts work with you to define your specific search criteria and select the best properties to view. They can also take the hassle out of the rental agreement negotiations.

Amid an extremely competitive rental market in London, we can also assist with temporary accommodation to give you extra time to find your ideal home – after all, you don’t want to rush such a big decision.

School search

Once you have a roof over your head, you can begin the all-important school search if you’re a parent. This will largely be determined by the school catchment area system: a defined geographical area that a school will accept applications from. Children living beyond this boundary are unlikely to be offered a place. Therefore, living within a catchment area greatly improves – but does not guarantee – your child’s chances of being selected.

Our school experts can provide guidance about the UK education system, the types of schools – state, grammar, private, international – and the admission process. They can also help prepare the application paperwork for each selected school.

Settling-in services

Having found somewhere to live and secured a school place for your kids, next on your relocation to-do list will be laying the foundations for settling in. For example, arranging everyday essentials like a mobile phone and a doctor are vital but laborious tasks. These mundane jobs can mount up and become extremely time-consuming – time that could be better spent making yourself feel at home in London.

To ensure you make a smooth transition to life in London, we can set up your personal registrations and utilities on your behalf: mobile phone and UK SIM card, internet, bank account, National Insurance number, doctor, utilities, insurance and council tax.

Family support

The success of your relocation largely depends on your loved ones settling into life in London. We provide a range of services aimed at facilitating their integration:

  • Orientation and integration: public transport, online shopping, healthcare, relevant social organisations, children’s activities and playgroups.
  • Career coaching: job market guidance, CV writing, LinkedIn profile coaching, interview techniques.
  • Language training: pre-destination courses, individual and group training, business communication training.

From accommodation and schools to a doctor and utilities, with so much to arrange before and after moving to London you’ll be glad you planned your bespoke relocation package with us – the experts!


Looking to find the ideal place to call home? Buy and download our Guide to London Neighbourhoods!

Our detailed, handy London neighbourhoods guide will help you discover the best London areas to live in, and give you the knowledge you need to select the right neighbourhood for you.

In the guide you will find a detailed overview of 20 top London neighbourhoods, including:

  • The history and character of the area
  • A recommendation on who the neighbourhood is best suited to; professionals or families
  • Average rent prices for 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties
  • Location and transport links
  • Highlights – why do people like to live here?
  • Details of the outdoor activities, shopping, restaurants and other leisure facilities available
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