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What are the landlords’ obligations in the UK?

Whilst the recent political context in the UK has been interesting in regard to defending tenants’ rights, we feel it is important to point out that landlords already have a number of obligations towards their private tenants.

These are:


  1. A yearly gas and electricity inspection is obligatory.
  2. In furnished places, all furniture provided must be fire-retardant.
  3. Smoke alarms must be in working condition.


  1. The tenant’s security deposit must be held with one of the government-approved deposit schemes (only for private tenants – for corporate tenants the rules are less stringent).


  • The tenant must be provided with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at the start of the Tenancy.

Whilst other countries in the world will have many more regulations and rules for landlords, we feel that the ones operating in the UK provide at least the basics of safety and protection, virtual and physical, for tenants.

Note: this post was originally published in 2017, and has been updated in 2021 for accuracy and comprehensiveness,

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