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What are the best groceries stores in London?

You have now settled in in your new home in London, and the next question is: where shall I get my groceries from? There are plenty of retailers, but how do they differentiate from each other? Are they all the same? Can I order online? Fear not, we explain everything in this article.

You will find below the main British groceries retailers, classified from the most expensive to the cheapest.


The best supermarket chain in the UK, from the assortment of products to the high-quality service.

Having a Waitrose in a neighborhood testifies of the wealth in the area. Possibility of shopping on the Internet (via Ocado) or in site and be delivered afterwards.

Recent creation of “Little Waitrose” stores, with more compact surfaces and a more limited assortment of products. Very good for a complementary shopping (the full weekly shopping may otherwise cost you an arm and leg).


The Mecca of organic and eco-friendly shops came from beyond the Atlantic. To our opinion, the best fine grocery store in London currently, but the prices are high. No household products. Possibility of ordering on the Internet. A few branches across London.


A British tradition and retail pillar (although currently going through a crisis with stores closures), Marks & Spencer offers good quality food-only stores: M&S Simply food. Here, no brands but only products made by M&S.


A basket of fresh products delivered every week to your doorstep, directly from the organic farmers’ fields. With new recipes every week in your box, concocted with seasonal products. A Must Try! Online orders only.


These three retail giants offer lower prices that the above-mentioned retailers, and stores ranging from small grocery stores (Tesco Metro or Tesco Express for example) downtown, to hypermarkets in suburban areas (Tesco Extra for example). Great for the weekly shopping, and household basics. Online orders with one or two-hour delivery slots.


These hypermarkets are only present in the suburbs of London. Their battle horse: low prices. Product quality reflects the prices. Online orders with one or two-hour delivery slots.


A frozen food only supermarket originally, it has now expanded into being a comprehensive supermarket, with very low prices. Product quality reflects the prices. Located all across London. Online orders with delivery possible.

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