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What are relocation services?

What are relocation services?

Moving house is one of the most stressful life experiences – a scenario that is amplified if you move to another country. With so much to arrange before and after you arrive, making your dream a reality can be a daunting prospect – so channel your inner pragmatist. Think of your move to London as a journey within a journey by breaking it down into three manageable phases: the planning phase, followed by the moving phase, and finally the settling-in phase.

To help guide you through each step of this journey, consider working with a relocation services provider. Think of them as your guardian angel during your move; someone who understands how time-consuming and stressful a relocation can be. Their essential services will relieve you of the burden, so you can focus on London rather than logistics.

These relocation services can include:

Home search

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You can’t start your property search until you find an area in London that’s right for you. A relocation specialist’s personal service means they can help you choose somewhere that suits your personality, budget, and lifestyle.

Once you know where you want to live, you’ll quickly realise the London rental market is a behemoth. Whether you choose the salubrious west, edgy east, bustling north, or leafy south, it’s littered with different property types and technicalities.

A relocation specialist can help you define your search criteria, before selecting the most compatible properties to view. They can also accompany you to your viewings, before managing the rental agreement negotiations once you’ve found somewhere that ticks all the boxes.

School search

If you’re moving to London with your family, the school search will be one of – if not the – most important aspects of your relocation. Get this right and you will go a long way to ensuring your nearest and dearest settle in as quickly as possible. It might also influence your home search because the properties you choose to view will need to be within the catchment area of suitable state schools – so the pressures on. Not if you work with a relocation services provider.

Having decided what type of education path you want your kids to take – state, grammar, independent or international – these education experts can guide you through the whole process: admissions, catchment areas, Ofsted reports, and the all-important application process.


Airlines typically allow passengers to take either 20kg or 23kg per person in checked luggage, plus a cabin bag – not quite enough room for your worldly possessions. This brings removals into sharp focus when planning your relocation.

To make sure your possessions arrive on time and intact, select a reputable removals company by shopping around for the best deal. A relocation will help you do just that by:

  • Researching accreditations
  • Requesting and comparing quotes
  • Checking insurance
  • Reading reviews and testimonials

Once you’re satisfied that you’re working with a company you can trust, the relocation specialist can coordinate the entire removal process for you – so you can concentrate on settling in.

Settling in

Life doesn’t get much more exciting than discovering London. However, before you can become a true Londoner, there are a few mundane jobs that need attending to – including:

  • Mobile phone and UK SIM card
  • Internet
  • Bank account
  • NI number
  • Doctor
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Council tax

Having helped you set up these personal registrations and utilities, a relocation specialist can also assist with other everyday essentials like orientation and integration – such as public transport and relevant social organisations.

Now you know what relocation services are and how they can underpin a successful move to London, all that’s left to do is entrust us with your big move.


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