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Visiting a London school: a checklist for parents

If you are searching for the right school for your children in London, you will surely have planned to visit some of the schools you are considering.

We have compiled a useful list of things to think about and to look out for when visiting a school in London.

Which schools can you visit?

First it is important to know that all private schools can be visited (sometimes under certain conditions), whereas state schools generally can’t be visited. Some exceptions are possible, and state schools do organise a few open days each year.

What should you check when visiting?

Here are the things you could ask yourself when visiting a school:

  • General impression : staff, pupils, the Head – what are your impressions of the people at the school
  • Academic : which curriculum is followed, are results published, where do pupils go after that school
  • Activities: which extra-curricular activities are proposed, which facilities are available (gym, pool, outside area, etc.)
  • Pastoral : what are the procedures in place, medical facilities, pastoral arrangements for boarding schools

What is a good school anyway?

Never forget that it is not necessarily the “best” school academically that will suit any child.

Sometimes the type of environment offered, the type of pupils attending can be just as important for your child to feel comfortable in a new school, especially in a new country.

You will also find some useful resources about Schools in London on this page:

Good luck!

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