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Tune into the new Simply London YouTube channel

Accessing and consuming vital information throughout the relocation process can be a laborious task. And with so much to arrange before, during and after the move, time becomes a finite commodity that must be used wisely. To help manage these constraints, Simply London has launched its very own YouTube channel.

As the leading London relocation agency, technology and innovation form a core element of its offering. Simply London’s forward-thinking approach to relocations promotes convenience by embracing the digital age. Founder and Director, Sylvie Froger explained: “By providing clients with relevant information at the touch of the YouTube play button, we are able to streamline the relocation process. While instructive videos detailing our home search, school search and settling-in services, together with useful areas guides, facilitate informed decision-making.”

The interactive nature of YouTube makes it the perfect platform to share information about the Simply London team, in addition to its expert relocation services. Sylvie added: “The beauty of YouTube is you can inject that personal touch by putting a face and voice to a name. It’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how professional we are before even meeting potential clients.”

According to Sylvie, the mobile Millennial generation could benefit most from the channel: “Having grown up with the internet at their fingertips, Millennials demand 24/7 access to data throughout the decision-making process. This information needs to be readily available in real time using the latest technology. YouTube’s popularity and accessibility make it the perfect platform to achieve this. After all, the most watched channel in the world has over 70 billion views – let’s aim big!”


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