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The top five areas to live in London

To say London is a truly global city is an understatement: 8.1 million people from over 270 nationalities reside within its 600 square miles of wonderful space; more than 300 languages are spoken by its residents; 37% of its population – around 2.5 million people – were born outside of the UK; and over 100,000 flights a month whisk people to and from destinations all over the world.

This wealth of diversity and opportunity poses one – rather marvellous – problem for anyone moving there: with so many different areas to choose from, deciding where you want to live can be tricky – the term “spoilt for choice” springs to mind.

Thankfully, the kind people at The Sunday Times have released their Best Places to Live in London Guide 2019. They’ve considered factors including house prices, jobs, schools, commute, culture, community spirit, and crime rate, to help you find the best possible quality of life in the capital.

5 – Blackheath

This southeast London oasis stretches from Greenwich Park to its very own quaint village, where the pace of life is more Middle England than metropolis. The area boasts several top independent schools, a vibrant café-culture and one of the best Sunday farmer’s markets around.

Average rental price of a two-bed property per week: £395

More information here.

4 – Bermondsey

Last year’s number one might have slipped three places, but this riverside gem still has plenty going for it. Located south of the river, to the east of Tower Bridge, the contemporary urban good life is in full swing around here. Within its mix of modern and industrial architecture, you’ll find fabulous foodie markets, cool new homes and cultural attractions.

Average rental price of a two-bed property per week: £578

3 – Belgravia

Anywhere that calls Westminster, Chelsea and Knightsbridge its neighbours can confidently claim to be upmarket. Here you’ll find an opulent mix of pretty mews, boutique shops, expansive squares, meticulous garden and embassies. Not to mention a tantalising array of top-notch restaurants and pavement cafés.

Average rental price of a two-bed property per week: £1,028

2 – Battersea

Famous for its large leafy park and eponymous power station – which is currently undergoing a major facelift – Battersea is particularly popular with young families. At its heart – somewhat confusingly – sits Clapham Junction. So named in Victorian times in the hope that the desirability of its more salubrious neighbour might rub off on it – oh how times have changed!

Average rental price of a two-bed property per week: £626

More information here.

1 – Isle of Dogs

In case you were wondering, an area doesn’t have to begin with the letter ‘B’ to make the top five.

The Isle of Dogs isn’t actually an island; it does, however, occupy the largest loop in the Thames. The area’s transformation from working-class heartland to one of London’s business nerve centres has seen its docking industry give way to the gleaming towers that house global financial firms; and the modern apartment blocks that the young professionals they employ call home.

Average rental price of a two-bed property per week: £551


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