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The Top 5 Surprises for expats renting in London for the first time (and they are not all bad surprises)

Let’s start the year with a fun but serious “inventory” of the main surprises encountered by new tenants in London. Some might even surprise our London readers!

1.      Looking at weekly rental prices in adverts: rental prices are advertised and negotiated on a weekly basis, yet everything else will be calculated on a monthly basis. Since one month includes slightly more than 4 weeks of rent, the calculation can be tricky…

2.      Long, complex tenancy agreements: it is not unusual to go through 40 pages of tenancy agreement, which usually include 38 pages of tenant’s obligations, and 2 pages of landlord’s obligations. And no, this is not a typo on our side.

3.      Long, detailed inventory check-in reports: it is not unusual to receive a 60 pages “check-in report”, including dozens of photos, and detailing every piece of equipment in the property (including items that are broken, or unwanted). The good news is, these reports are created by independent agents, who will not favour the landlord against the tenant, or vice-versa.

4.      Finding fully-equipped kitchens: no need for tenants to take their own fridge and oven, rental properties kitchens in London always come fully equipped. This makes things a lot easier, in particular for expats moving their personal belongings from far-fetched places across the world.

5.      Washing machine as a standard: all London rental properties are provided with at least a functioning washing machine. With some luck and available space in the property, there might even be a dryer and a dishwasher.

As a London relocation specialist, the Simply London team makes sure that our clients, the tenants, whether individuals or corporate, are not taken advantage of in any way, and that the rental process goes as smoothly as possible for them.

If done properly, renting in London does not have to be complicated!

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