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The Top 5 questions about finding rental housing in London

We have compiled a useful list of the Top 5 questions asked by our clients about searching a home in London, and dealing with estate agents.

1 When shall we start viewing properties?

We recommend that you conduct your viewings between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the date that you wish to move in.

2 Can we view properties during weekends?

It can be possible on Saturdays.

However, we do recommend, if you can, that you come over during the week, as there will be more flexibility from estate agents in regards to timing of the viewings.

They will also be able to suggest alternative properties, should the targeted ones not be available anymore on the day of viewings.

3 How many properties do you recommend for us to view?

We recommend to view a maximum of 10-12 properties over one day.

Anything beyond that and you will get confused between the properties, reducing your ability to make the right choice at the end of the day.

4 Do we have to pay any fees to estate agents?

Unlike other countries, estate agent fees are paid by the landlords.

5 We heard that, in London, you have to decide very quickly whether you want to take a rental property – is it true?

Absolutely. The property market in London is very fluid, and there are usually several potential tenants for each property.

That is why we recommend that you decide within 24 hours maximum following your viewing.

Most of our clients will decide on the same day.

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