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The Top 5 global mobility trends: #3 Data protection

2019 is the Chinese year of the pig; a symbol of wealth – something many businesses attempt to develop by investing in a mobile workforce. So, what does 2019 hold for global mobility industry? Rather than consulting the Chinese zodiac, let’s take a more practical approach to answer this important question.

We’ve carefully considered the modern assignee’s requirements, swotted up new legislation and examined some interesting stats to bring you our top five global mobility trends for 2019. Not content with predicting the future, we’ll also explain how a relocation services provider like Simply London – the British capital’s leading relocation specialist – can help businesses benefit from them.

This week we are looking at 2019 Trend #3: Data protection  

In 2018 GDPR was introduced in Europe, changing the data protection landscape for organisations that use or process EU resident’s personal data. To avoid tough penalties in 2019, for failure to protect this information adequately, the relocation industry must be compliant with the legislation.

Simply London uses a safe platform to store and manage sensitive documents and information on assignees. Users are classified by level of authorisation, ensuring access to sensitive data is managed securely.

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