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The night tube in London: finally!

After a failed start in 2015, due to a number of strikes from the staff at TFL (Transport for London), the night tube has finally been introduced in 2016 at the weekends.

The launch follows a strong increase in demand for night trips on the underground network, with more and more people taking advantage of the fantastic night life that London has to offer.

For now, not all lines operate by night, but the plan is to open most of the network in the long term. The Victoria Line (North/South), Central Line (West/East) are operating with trains every 10 minutes. The Jubilee Line will follow very soon, and then the famous Northern Line as well as the Piccadilly Line. This will give excellent coverage to Londoners living in the suburbs (zone 5/6) who, until now, could be quite isolated from the festivities in Central London, or simply had to rush back to the underground station at 11:30pm, or risk a 2 hour night bus journey.

In terms of security, TFL has increased the presence of staff during the night service. Since the network is generally safe, we expect it to stay the same at night time.

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