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The legend of the Black Cab “Knowledge Exam”

Whilst Uber drivers in London rely solely on GPS positioning, the legendary Black Cab drivers rely on something commending a lot more respect: their memory and knowledge of London streets.

Whilst you might think that anyone can become a black cab driver, this is actually entirely wrong.

Black Cab drivers have to pass an exam, called “The Knowledge of London”, in order to get a licence to become a Black Cab driver. This exam, created back in 1865, takes 3 to 4 years to prepare (yes, that’s right). There are several parts to this exam, but the mot famous is an oral exam where candidates are asked to indicate the shortest route from A to B, for several routes picked at random by the examiner, among thousands of possibilities. This would scare off even the most academic person, and yet, that is the process.

It is easier to understand why Black Cab drivers are keen to defend their business against Uber drivers, when so much sweat and time has been put into getting to where they are.

So next time you need a taxi in London, Uber or Black Cab? Up to you…

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