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The importance of postcodes in London

Why do Londoners talk so much about postcodes?

As soon as our clients are relocating to London, we usually inform them about postcodes, as it is not that important in the rest of Europe.

Indeed, postcodes are very useful in the UK to describe precisely where you live.

Originally, post codes were set up in order to facilitate Royal Mail’s duties when using automatic mail sorters. However, nowadays postcodes are used by all service providers, the tax office, and local authorities to identify someone’s address.

Let’s see how postcodes are built: SW1 1DF for instance. The first letters indicate the borough in London, SW for South-West. The following number 1 represents a specific part of South-West London. The other number 1 indicates the street. To finish with, the letters at the end mean the group of buildings, or even sometimes the building itself. That is very easy!

When moving in London, don’t forget your postcode! It could be very useful in a lot of situations.

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