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The best primary private schools in London

The best private primary schools in London

Excellent private primary schools in London certainly aren’t in short supply. It is interesting to notice that, unlike many state schools, many of the private primary schools are not co-ed, meaning they will be “boys only” or “girls only” schools.

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Here’s the top ten of the very best primary private schools in London, according to official rankings:

  1. North London Collegiate School (Harrow)
  2. King’s College School (Wimbledon)  
  3. City of London School For Girls (City of London)
  4. South Hampstead High School (Hampstead)
  5. University College School (Hampstead)
  6. James Allen’s Girls’ School (East Dulwich)
  7. Wimbledon High School (Wimbledon)
  8. Hampton Court House (Hampton)
  9. Highgate School (Highgate)
  10. Notting Hill and Ealing High School (Ealing)

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