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The best primary schools in London

We have put together a selection of the Simply London team’s favourite schools from around the city to reassure you that your children’s education is something to look forward to when you touch down in London…

Our favourite primary schools in London

These are not the only good options in London, but they are the ones that represent the best a family can hope for when looking for a school in London.

We have also made sure there were private and state schools in there, to allow for all budgets.

1. South London: Belleville Primary School, Clapham

An outstanding state school in the heart of Clapham’s ‘Nappy Valley’. Belleville boasts an impressive student to teacher ratio – a rare find in London’s state sector.

Belleville’s consistent excellence in the school rankings is underpinned by a relentless drive for improvement, excellence and quality, not to mention a deeply emotional understanding of the requirements of young learners.


2. North London: Northbridge House School, Primrose Hill

Location, location, location, Northbridge House School has it all.

A fantastic, personal approach to education is met with academic drive and an international demographic throughout the school, where children can walk through the doors into Nursery and finish at the same establishment before moving on to university


3. East London: John Ball Primary School, Blackheath

Despite the school’s size you can’t help but feel that every child is important to the teachers here.

Renowned for their warm welcomes (an essential component of any child’s smooth first week), John Ball’s foremost priority is ensuring that every child is safe, secure and happy – an approach they feel lays the strongest foundation for academic development.


4. West London: ACS Hillingdon, Hillingdon

For our American cousins used to a certain academic style over the pond, ACS Hillingdon hits the spot. A sweeping campus and rigorous curriculum that champions excellence make the cost of a place at the school seem more reasonable.

However it is the state of the art facilities of the campus that really set it apart. Boasting a stunning mansion house with extensions that include Art Studios, IT labs, sports fields, a dedicated ‘Harmony House’ and a Think Tank – it’s no wonder that Hillingdon is the envy of many parents looking to place their kids into one of London’s top education establishments.



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