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The best London neighbourhoods for state schools

It doesn’t matter how much you love your job or how excited you are about calling London home; if your children are relocating with you, they will be your priority.

The best London neighbourhoods for state schools

Choosing a school that matches your family’s requirements will, therefore, be one of the most important decisions you make during your move.

Particularly if you plan on sending your children to a state school in the capital – according to the Good Schools Guide, there are 10 times more applications for good state schools than places available.

These statistics highlight the vital role your home search plays in the school search process.

So, where should you focus this search to ensure you live within the catchment area of high-performing state schools?

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These boroughs are top of the class when it comes to good passes at GCSE in English and maths, based on state and grammar schools. Basically, a Borough is an administrative section of London, managed by a local authority.

1. Kingston & Sutton

Average house price, £624,100 and £429,350 respectively; average rental price per week £552 and £449 respectively.

A favourite amongst British families looking to settle slightly outside of London, whilst staying within easy reach.

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2. Barnet

Average house price, £627,900; average rental price per week £561. Located on the Northern edge of London,

Barnet is an absolute favourite for families looking to live in larger houses with gardens, whilst keeping a public transport access to Central London.

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3. Richmond

Average house price, £970,800; average rental price per week £404.

A definite favourite amongst expatriate families for its amenities, excellent schools, Thames river access, great access to central London.

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4. Kensington and Chelsea

Average house price, £2,196,000; average rental price per week £881

Definitely not the cheapest area in London. If you can afford it, great shopping, museums, and restaurants await you.

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5. Redbridge

Average house price, £470,300; average rental price per week £360. on the Eastern side of London, Redbridge offers families huge amounts of space – inside as properties start to get much bigger as in more central areas, and outside, with parks located on every corner of the Borough. Definitely a keeper.

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6. Westminster

Average house price, £1,646,250; average rental price per week £727

State schools are not what you think of first when thinking about Westminster, but their state schools are amongst the best in London – so it isn’t just about private schools here.

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7. Ealing

Average house price,£728,000; average rental price per week £504.

A fantastic location for affordable rents, great multicultural communities and all amenities one can dream of.

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8. Wandsworth

Average house price, £777,400; average rental price per week £442

Another favourite of British families looking for more space when expanding their family size. Great access to Central London, more affordable rents. A good first step when exiting the urban life.

Locate Wandsworth on Google maps

9. Harrow

Average house price, £505,795; average rental price per week £408.

Famous for some of the school carrying its name, Harrow also offers excellent access to Central London and a very strong community feel.

Locate Harrow on Google maps

The figures above, compiled by the Department for Education, reveal that more than two-thirds of pupils in the boroughs of Kingston and Sutton achieved a grade between nine and five (the equivalent of A* to B) in English and maths.

House prices rise sharply within the narrow catchment area of Ofsted-rated “outstanding” state schools, whereas selective grammar schools don’t cast a catchment area as part of the selection process. Instead, potential pupils are required to take an entrance exam.

Therefore, if you’re confident your child will pass, you might be able to purchase a well-priced home a little further away.

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