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The Barbican: one of the most debated areas of London

The loved but much debated Barbican area always has someone talking about it.

In a survey of Londoners in 2014, the Barbican was named the most disliked building in the city. The building complex is now protected because in 2010, it was listed as a national monument due to its originality and its architectural homogeneity (something that is sure to shock many).

Vestige of the 60s, when its construction began, the Barbican is a city within a city. It is home to more than 4,000 residents, a renowned artistic centre, shops, two schools, a church, a winter garden, as well as being right on the edge of the famous London City. The architecture and functionality, inspired by the concept of Le Corbusier, are reminiscent of some areas in the French suburbs. The artistic centre, practically buried underground, is home to a famous concert hall, many cinema screens and two restaurants.

It was originally built as social housing, but nowadays, the apartments have soared in price and are extremely expensive. The penthouse duplexes of the apartment blocks are amongst the most sought-after properties of the city, notably amongst executives working in the city.

To rent: costing at least £370 a week for a two-bedroom apartment (£1,600 a month).

To buy: costing at least £800,000 for a two-bedroom.

NB: Jugged Hare serve an excellent Sunday Roast, on the corner of the beginning to Silk Street. Tested and approved by Simply London!

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