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The 6 reasons why people use a London relocation agent

You are probably reading this because you are considering a move to London and researching whether using a London relocation agent is necessary and worth the money? And you’re probably experiencing a mixture of emotions about your impending move – from excitement at the idea of a new adventure to exhaustion and anxiety at the thought of the number of important decisions you are going to have to make and the time that that’s going to take if you are to get it right?

Relocating to a new city is not rocket science but, like anything, doing it many, many times helps make it a smoother process without surprises. Practice makes perfect! During a relocation there are lots of opportunities to save money and time and moments to make good decisions rather than bad ones. This is where an experienced relocation agent will be able to add the most value to your move. Add to that that a relocation agent will be doing a lot of the hard, boring work for you and we hope using one begins to look like the smart thing to do.

The 6 reasons why people use a London relocation agent

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In short, we aim to be the solution to the feelings of exhaustion and anxiety so that you can make the most of your adventure! And along the way we hope to save you time, money and get you a better result.

At Simply London we constantly review the scope and style of the services we provide with that as our goal. As part of that process we recently undertook a survey of our clients to ask them why they chose to use a relocation agent to help with their move and we thought it might be useful for us to share the results with you.

Reason number 1: Saving time

The most common reason for using us is to save time. If you are relocating to London it’s likely because you have a big job, a successful career and you are a busy, adventurous person or family constantly juggling balls to get the very most out of every day. So the last thing you want is for your latest planned adventure to bury you in the extra admin, logistics and research required by a big move.

Most aspects of a relocation take a considerable amount of time to get right – from researching where you should live, to finding a home, to agreeing the contract and arranging the utilities. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the way things work in a new city and country.

Reason number 2: Benefit from the relocation agent’s experience

The next most common reason clients gave for using our services is to benefit from Simply London’s experience of relocating other clients. Why re-invent the wheel as they say! All our relocation agents have ‘been there and done that’, not just for themselves but for countless clients. They aren’t just there to manage the challenges you can foresee, they are there to navigate and handle the ones you don’t even know exist. And ideally they will get you through your relocation and you still won’t know they exist!

Simply London has relocated more than 400 people to London from all over the world and we pride ourselves on the dozens of 5 Star Google Reviews we have earned.

Reason number 3: Receive customised advice

Clients also choose to work with us so that they receive guidance and advice specific to their own needs. If you choose to use Simply London the first thing we will ask you to do is complete a detailed questionnaire so that we understand your specific needs. Once we’ve reviewed your answers we’ll discuss them with you at length to make sure we fully understand your requirements, constraints, likes and dislikes. From that point on our service will reflect those parameters.

Simply London has a diverse team who’s lived in London for a combined 100 years and we are proud of the depth and breadth of our knowledge across countless subject areas from the best schools in London to the best LGBTQ places to live in London.

Reason number 4: Be able to move on time

The next most important consideration for our clients is to make sure they can move into their chosen property on time. Often clients will come to us needing to relocate quickly because of a new job; needing to find children a school before the start of the academic year; or just so they can enjoy the summer in the UK before their job starts. Obviously this introduces an additional challenge when trying to find the perfect home while the clock is ticking! We fully understand the need to avoid temporary accommodation when at all possible because of the additional upheaval and cost this entails.

Reason number 5: Avoid making mistakes

Lots of our clients use us because they want to make sure they make the right choices for them and their family and avoid making mistakes. There are so many variables and unknowns when relocating to a new city that you aren’t familiar with and mistakes can mean disappointment, missed opportunities and unnecessary expense. If you can afford to it makes sense to work with somebody who can help you decide what your options are in respect of different issues and provide you with the relevant information so that you can make informed decisions.

Reason number 6: Get advice from someone who knows London inside and out

The final reason clients give for using our services is not knowing London at all. Most people have spent brief amounts of time in London on holiday or with work but to get to know a city the size of London properly takes years. Your own experiences; the internet; and talking to friends, family and colleagues is a great starting point for your move, but it’s unlikely to get you as good an outcome as having an experienced, dedicated agent who knows London and your specific needs and who can spend the time necessary to help you through the process day by day, hour by hour.

So, we hope that’s a useful, brief explanation of why we and our past clients think that using a relocation can save you time, money and get you a better result. But there is maybe one last important point to add for you to be able to get the full benefit of using a relocation agent. When you are deciding which relocation agent to use, make sure you feel you can trust them, that they genuinely have your best interests at heart. They are going to be helping you make some big decisions on your journey and being able to completely trust them and their judgement will be key to making your relocation as stress free as possible.

We really hope you’ll trust us to help you make the next chapter in your life a memorable success!

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