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The 5 Top Surprises when renting in London – by a New Zealand expat

London seems very fast-paced for expats coming from New Zealand, as the city has twice the entire population of New Zealand! But that is not the only difference noticed by an expat.

Here are the Top 5, as described by an expat himself:

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  1. Central heating: the fact that the houses are heated internally and you need to plug in the heater sometimes – in New Zealand, you do not see pipes around the house, it is all hidden and part of the housing structure.
  2. Lights have a different size: they are bigger in London, but that s rather good.
  3. Size of rooms in London: they are smaller, and if the rooms are bigger the rent is more expensive – in New Zealand you expect bigger space around and not to have to pay extra for it; in London everything is more compact (and expensive!).
  4. Washing machine: having one in the kitchen is unusual – but not to the point of wanting it removed.
  5. Having stairs in the house is something to get used to – whether in a house or in a flat. Yes, some London apartments can provide a number of stairs, whether internally or to access the property.

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