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The 5 steps to moving to London with children 

Moving abroad with a family is probably one of the hardest things you can be doing. So first of all, respect to you for taking on this enormous challenge! And of course congratulations for this decision – London is the best city in the world (we say) :-).

As a family, your main concern and choice will be about where to live in London as a family, and which school to choose for your children.

If you have already done some research online, including on forums, you will surely have found A LOT of conflicting information. Whatever your family requirements and wishes, we definitely do not recommend relocating your family to London based on partial information!

Because every family is different, you need to make sure you have all the information in your hands to make the right decision. Below you will find a methodology that can be used when organising a family relocation to London, and a few pointers.

Step 1 – Research family areas and schools in London

The two questions you have to answer are:

  1. Where in London will my family be living?
  2. Which London school(s) will the children be going to?

To help with the research you will have to do on neighbourhoods, check out our London Areas knowledge base.

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