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“Terraced”, “Detached”, “Semi-Detached”: How are different houses described in England?

If you are lucky enough to look to live in an authentic London house – which is a luxury in the centre of London – you will certainly have heard estate agents using different words to describe the houses here.

Here is an explanation of the specific housing terms, which can sometimes be confusing:

  • Detached house: a stand-alone, unattached house

  • Semi-detached house: a house that is only attached to another house by one side

  • Terraced house: a house that is completely attached by both sides

Personally, we think that the word “detached” is easy to remember given that the meaning is that the house is “detached’ from any other.

In terms of pricing, you can expect to find detached houses to be a lot more expensive than terraced ones. In that respect, London is the same as any other property market.

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