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Summer schools: a fun way to improve your children’s English

If you are a family moving from abroad or planning to move and English is not you mother tongue, Summer schools can be a good option to improve your children’s English level.

Most of the summer schools take place in the campus of prestigious boarding schools, empty during the summer and consequently offer all the facilities in terms of classroom, catering equipment, boarding provision and most of all superb outdoor facilities.

These programs are open to children between 6 and 18 years old and the programs are tailored to suit the need of International students according to their age and interest.

Some of the Summer schools will prepare your child to specific programs or exam such as pre-IB or pre-GCSE or Cambridge International Examinations.

The typical Summer School day will start with a minimum of three hours of tuition in classes each morning. The afternoons are dedicated to sports (from football to horse riding) and activities such as music, drama, cooking and arts.

In addition to this, at least one excursion per week should be organized for the children to visit a local attraction or a city centre.

Summer School are mostly located outside of Greater London, in the country side, but some IB London school offers this program downtown. It is a very good way for the children to discover London’s landmark and attractions.

Safe environment and welfare of the students is crucial, it is important to check for the adults’ ratio per pupil. From our experience, one member of staff for every five children is a good ratio.

The budget for one week at a Summer School can vary from around £900 to £1500.

The fees should be inclusive of full board, accommodation, tuition and all sports, excursions and activities.

Fees do not cover for the transport to the UK (flight or train tickets), which are at the family’s expense.

The schools are generally happy to arrange transport to and from airports and railway stations. This transport will be charged for at cost to parents.

If you are looking for the right Summer School in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact us at Simply London, the leading London relocation agency.

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