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Storing bulky items when renting in London

London is not renowned for its attractive space / price ratio when renting, and many rental properties offer limited interior space, compared to other cities and countries.

Some of our customers ask us if London flats includes a “cellar” as can be seen in Europe – a private space in a building basement. This would of course allow them to store things they do not use often, such as bulky bikes, empty suitcases, etc. It can be particularly useful since many rental properties do not even have built-in wardrobes.

Unfortunately, the space is extremely valuable in London, the spaces in the basement are themselves used to shelter … other housing! … We are talking about the famous “basement flats” which so often frighten the newcomers to London, not used to the reduced daylight that often accompanies these properties (which, on the flip-side, provide under-average rental prices in their area).

In 95% of the apartments, there is no “cellar” in the basement and tenants must do without.

We therefore recommend, when visiting rental properties, to keep an eye on the size of the rooms, and the space that will be occupied by cabinets, dressers, and other storage furniture, to estimate the remaining living space.

There is, however, an alternative for storing items that are not used on a daily basis storage space for rent by the week, month, or year. These are located everywhere in London. Their rates vary depending on the rental period, the location, and the size of the storage space, which can vary from a closet size to space allowing to store the equivalent of a furnished house.

The best advice we can give is to sort out your personal belongings as much as possible before moving to London!

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