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Searching for a property in London: how to work with estate agents

Whilst looking for a rental property, we always find that we have to work with a number of estate agents to find a number of properties that we can present to our clients.

Unlike North America, where each estate agent can show all the available properties in their area, estate agents in London can’t do this. The same property can be shown by one estate agent, or a number of them. It’s the owner of the property who chooses their agent, or agents.

Some owners choose to show their property through a number of agents in order to increase their chances of finding a tenant. However, others give their property exclusively to one estate agent in order to “motivate” them.

This explains, for those future tenants, why there can be a number of properties advertised by several estate agents.

We don’t recommend only contacting one estate agent, because their catalogue will be very limited. In addition, estate agents don’t try to find what you are looking for, in comparison to relocation agents, but they try to rent the properties that they have in their portfolio, even if it doesn’t correspond to the criteria that the tenant has given them.

The conclusion: you can only trust a relocation agent to find the right property for your needs!


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