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Bursaries: how your child could attend a private school in London for less

There’s much more to independent schools in the UK than just rugger, lacrosse and the Queen’s English. These bastions of educational excellence have small class sizes, first-class facilities and table topping exam results – but it all comes at a cost.

The fees required to attend these prestigious institutions, often price families out of the market. For example, average fees for day pupils are now nearly £4,800 per term, or just over £14,000 a year. If that sounds steep, wait until you hear the annual cost of sending your child to Hurtwood House school in Surrey: £39,555 – making it the most expensive fee-paying school in the UK.

If you harbour dreams of your child benefiting from a private education, but the fees are a bit beyond your budget, help is available. There are various financial avenues you can explore that allow you to take advantage of reduced fees – or even fee-free places.

What are Scholarships and Bursaries for private schools?

Independent schools are coming under increased pressure to justify their charitable status, which has prompted greater generosity in the form of scholarships and means-tested bursaries. So, what’s the difference between the two?

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