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Richmond-Upon-Thames: Living riverside

If you are hoping to live in London with your family, but the extortionate prices of central London scare you, Richmond-Upon-Thames could be the perfect solution.

Located in the south-east of London, the town is loved for its huge eponymous park through which the Thames runs and where there are more than 2,500 deer.It is connected to the centre by tube (the last stop of one of the west branches of the District Line) as well as by train towards Waterloo Station in just 23 minutes.

Richmond Hill offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the river, immortalised by the paintings of English artists such as Turner and Reynolds. This exceptional environment offers an infinite number of outdoor activities for families.

Amongst all the possibilities, we recommend bike rides in Richmond Park, boat rides along Thames and Rugby matches at Twickenham Stadium.

Three cinemas and two theatres (Richmond theatre and the Orange Tree) complete this list of activities.

As for shopping, Richmond can’t be outdone. The most popular and on-trend shops, including Topshop and the department store, House of Fraser, are everywhere between the High Street and Richmond Green.

For the weekly shop, there is a Waitrose and Sainsbury’s as well as an excellent Farmer’s Market, every Saturday from 11am- 3pm at the foot of Richmond Bridge.

There are lots of family-friendly restaurants and pubs, such as Carluccio’s and Pizza Express. Fine dining is also available, thanks to the unique Petersham Nurseries. This charming café is hidden away from the main road but is an unmissable spot for foodies and garden-lovers alike.

As for schools, Richmond offers an excellent choice of very high standard primary state schools, one of which is the very popular Vineyard Primary. There are even two grammar schools, which is quite rare for London.

This quality of life attracts many families who previously lived in the centre of London and are looking for excellent education opportunities for their children.

Given that Richmond-Upon-Thames is in zone 4, the property prices are slightly lower than in the centre of the capital, even though the properties immediately surrounding the tube station can be slightly overpriced.

To rent a 3 bedroom apartment, it will cost around £2,700 per month for a property near the tube station.

North Sheen presents a good alternative of a 4 bedroom house for this same price.

To buy a 4 bedroom house near the tube station, it will cost at least £2 million.

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