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Renting in London: do kitchens come fully equipped?

This is a very frequent question we get from clients looking to relocate to London.

What exactly will they find in the kitchen of their new London home?

Contrary to many other countries, landlords in London and the UK provide fully-equipped kitchens.

What does it include?

  • Cooking equipment: hob, fridge and oven as a minimum.
  • Optional: ventilation system, microwave, freezer.
  • Washing equipment: washing machine as a minimum.
  • Optional: dishwasher, dryer. These two depend on the generosity of the landlord, but also mainly on the space available in the property (it is no secret that London properties lack space).

Do not hesitate to ask the estate agent during the viewings which equipment comes as a standard with the property.

This will be part of the inventory, and will remain the responsibility of the landlord to maintain and/or replace during the tenancy.

Download the guide to Renting in London!

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