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Rental Property Search: Are There Off Market Properties?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exclusive list of off-market rental homes in London for you to tap into. Don’t worry, online property portals have made finding your ideal home more convenient than ever. Find out where to look, how it works, and who you will be dealing with. 

Rental property search: are there off-market properties?

The London rental market is competitive, to say the least, with demand consistently outstripping supply. And it’s easy to see why: around 9 million people from all over the world call this wonderful city home – that’s a similar population to countries like Austria and Papua New Guinea. 

So, imagine there was a private portfolio of off-market rental properties across London that you could tap into – saving you the hassle of navigating the UK capital’s vast rental space. Usually, after a sentence like that, you are told just the thing exists – and here it is. Unfortunately, it’s just not the case – unless your budget puts you in the same league as a Russian oligarch.

Off-market properties

The only scenario where this might occur is if you are lucky enough to be provided with the details of a letting agent’s properties between them becoming available, and advertised online. This can be a 24 hour or 48 hour time window, and this could occur when the agent knows that you are looking for a property with these criteria. 

The other scenario is for properties listed at a very high value, or properties listed / tenanted by celebrities, where confidentiality is important, and casual “visitors” need to be avoided.

How to organise your search

This means that generally speaking, you will rely on executing a well organised online property search to be successful. Get this right and you will save time and money – and ultimately end up securing your perfect property in your desired corner of London. 

To chart your course through London’s saturated rental market, you will want to know where to start your online property search and who you might be dealing with. 

Property portals

Be grateful for the internet. Gone are the days of spending hours flicking through printed listings of properties for rent. Today, property portals offer the convenience we crave in the digital age, with 98% of people starting their search online. These portals host thousands of properties advertised by different letting agents, providing a central point of oversight that allows you to search by property type, property size, budget, and location with the touch of a button. The three most popular portals in the UK are: Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket.

Get help from the experts

Simplify the rental process by using a relocation agent like Simply London. Having assisted you with your property search, we can help you to arrange, negotiate and manage your tenancy agreement from start to finish. These specialist property services complement our school and settling in offerings, enabling us to provide a comprehensive relocation package.


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