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Private school cost in London: what you can expect to pay

London’s private schools have it all: small class sizes, first-class facilities, and table-topping exam results – but it all comes at a cost. Join us as we explore how much money you will have to part with to send your child to one of these prestigious fee-paying institutions.

Private school fees in London: what you can expect to pay

From first-class facilities, and mission-driven education, to small class sizes and table-topping exam results, an independent (private) school will give your child a head start in life.

But it comes at a cost – literally.

Their first-class reputation is underpinned by the vast funds available to them – and it’s the fees they charge for each pupil to attend that swell these coffers. According to data compiled by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), a private education in the UK is almost 50% more expensive than a decade ago – with costs particularly high in the southeast of England and London.

There are more than 130 private schools in the Greater London area, including day and boarding schools, boys’ schools, girls’ schools, preparatory (prep) schools, senior schools, and sixth forms. If you harbour dreams of your child attending one of these bastions of educational excellence, you will want to know how much it’s going to cost.

To help you calculate your budget, we have used recent ISC data to compare the cost of sending your child to one of these fee-paying schools in London with the national average.

1 – The cost of private schools in the UK

Average termly fees for different age groups in ISC schools nationally:

Age group Boarding fee Day fee (boarding school) Day fee (day schools)
Sixth form (age 16-18) £12,966 £7,684 £5,625
Senior (age 12-16) £12,139 £7,255 £5,495
Prep (age 4-12) £8,951 £5,495 £4,827
Overall £12,344 £6,944 £5,218

2 – The cost of private schools in London

Minimum termly fees in ISC schools in London:

Boarding fee Day fee (boarding school) Day fee (day schools)
£13,372 £7,780 £6,250

3 – Exploring scholarship and bursaries

As you can see, it’s not just the price of property or a pint of beer that’s more expensive in London than the rest of the country. If you want your child to benefit from a private education, but the fees are a bit beyond your budget, do not despair. There are several financial avenues you can explore that allow you to take advantage of reduced fees – or even fee-free places.

  • Scholarship: a financial award granted to a student based on their academic or sporting excellence.
  • Bursary (often referred to as an “assisted place”): a financial award granted to a student based on the student’s financial circumstances.

4 – Get help from the experts (optional)

We can guide you through the independent school selection and application process. We offer two options, depending on your requirements:

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