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Parking in London: useful instructions (and a bit of a laugh as well)

My first “car experience” in London began on a sunny summer day, in my relocation consultant’s vehicle (a long time ago…). After having searched for a parking space for a while, our “guide” had finally found a great one for her car. She then started a very long and precise manoeuvre, arithmetically parked inside the space available. As an opportunist Parisian who usually park my car quite brutally, this manoeuvre seemed tedious and this precision didn’t fail to make me laugh.

Despite my quizzical smile, she quickly told me that, here in London, people don’t joke with parking regulations! Otherwise, an expensive penalty charge will oblige you to respect parking regulations.

But then, the point was to understand these regulations…

Basically, London is made of 33 boroughs, and each one has its own parking regulations.

In general, they all have resident permit spaces and visitors’ spaces, with parameters. In central areas, these 2 spaces are indicated differently and your vehicle will immediately be impounded if you were parked in a resident parking space without any permit.

Furthermore, if, inside a visitor parking space, your wheels touch the line separating 2 distinct parking spaces, you must potentially pay a penalty charge. It is getting even more complicated when there are residents parking spaces in certain times, and visitors parking spaces in other times.

Don’t forget that, if you are a resident permit holder, this permit is only valid in your residential area.

What should you do then? Keep calm and take time to read and understand the road signs.

In that example, parking areas are exclusively kept for residents, from Mondays to Fridays – from 8.30 am to 10pm, and Saturdays from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Now that you have perfectly understood the first level, let’s work on this second example!

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Good luck!

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