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Why floorplans for rentals are so difficult to find online

Looking for a rental property in London? Finding a London rental property online can be adventurous and treacherous.

But finding a floorplan telling you the size of a rental property can be even more difficult!

Whilst in many countries around the world, property advertisements systematically include a floorplan of the property, this is not the case in London.

Many properties simply won’t have any floorplan.

So how can I know how big a property is, will you think? Well you won’t, unless you have actually viewed it physically. This can seem very strange, as surely this is one of the main elements when choosing a property.

Whilst we do not have an official explanation for this phenomenon, we can tell you that the most important element in London is the number of bedrooms.

This will obviously always be indicated in the property advertisement.

In addition, properties can be marketed by a multitude of estate agents throughout its rental period, therefore documentation gets lost (if existing a all) – there is no continuity.

Floorplans are usually available for some properties though:

The larger properties, above 2 bedrooms, houses, etc., where landlords have decided to invest in a floorplan production service.

To conclude:

  • If you are looking for a 1 or 2 bed property in London, you are very likely not to have any floorplan.
  • If you are looking for a house or a 3 / 4 bedroom apartment, then you might be lucky and will probably be given a floorplan.

That definitely helps when making a decision about which property to choose, especially since photos can be deceiving!

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