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London State Schools 101: the podcast on Spotify

An educational podcast: everything families moving to London want and need to know to prepare their state school applications, and secure a place for their children.

Current episodes:

  • State school or private school in London?
  • What are state schools in London, and what are their benefits?
  • How to apply for state schools in London?
  • When to apply for state schools in London
  • State primary vs. state secondary schools in London
  • Understanding state schools catchment areas in London
  • Understanding State Schools Waiting Lists
  • Can you apply for London state schools in advance?
  • Are private schools better than state schools in London?
  • Can you apply for state schools in London with an Airbnb address?
  • Can you move away after your child has started in a local state school?
  • How many state schools are there in London?
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