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Is a relocation service worth it?

Is a relocation service worth it?

With so much to arrange when planning your move to London – a home, schools, removals, personal registrations – you will have to channel your inner plate spinner to make this life-enhancing experience a success. This doesn’t have to be a stressful process that leaves you feeling like everything could come crashing down. With a little help, you can focus on settling into your chosen destination without delay, safe in the knowledge that everything is in the capable hands of the experts – helping you to make informed decisions and save time.

Make informed decisions

A relocation service allows you to tap into the knowledge and experience of a skilled relocation specialist. These moving maestros know exactly what it takes to successfully plan and execute a new life in a new country – and it’s their job to share this know-how with people like you during every step of your relocation journey.

For example, without their help, you will be entering a saturated and competitive rental market that’s littered with confusing rules and regulations. And that’s after you’ve spent endless hours figuring out which of London’s 32 boroughs ticks all the boxes.

Empowered by this moving mastery, you can make informed decisions that will take the pressure off every element of your relocation – before, during and after you arrive in the UK capital: where to live in London; what type of property to call home; which schools to include on your application form; how to navigate the London underground.

Save time

This invaluable support won’t just prevent relocation-induced headaches; it will save you a huge amount of the most precious commodity we have: time. With the plate spinning taken care of by the experts, you can concentrate on learning about London before you arrive and settling in when you get there – from finding your favourite local pub or coffee shop to joining a society, club or group that aligns with your interests.

For example, without their help, you will have to carryout time-consuming tasks when you arrive like setting up essential registrations – mobile phone and UK SIM card, internet, bank account, National Insurance number, doctor, utilities, insurance and council tax – when you could be out kickstarting your life in London.

Don’t go it alone

If that’s not enough to convince you, consider the alternative: going it alone will leave you with a list as long as your arm of things to arrange and, most concerning of all, you will be making some huge decisions without a working understanding of how things operate in the UK – from the rental process to the school catchment area battleground. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved – as our valued clients have found out to their benefit.



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  • How to make a rental offer
  • How deposits work and how much they cost
  • Understanding rental contracts, and how to check your tenancy agreement

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