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Introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London

The Mayor of London has introduced a new measure to curb air pollution in London.

A great initiative, which will motivate drivers to drive in London with cleaner vehicles, or else they will have to pay a charge in order to drive in Central London.

The ULEZ, as per its official name and abreviation, comes in addition to the existing Congestion Charge. The main difference is that the ULEZ is in force 7 days a well, 24 hours, whereas the Congestion Charge only apply to weekdays, and not at night time.

The ULEZ applies for any type of vehicle, be it cars, vans, lorries, motorbikes. It can be paid, like the Congestion Charge, by going to the Transport for London website.

The cost is currently at £12.50 for smaller vehicles, and, very prohibitively, at £100 for larger vehicles like buses and lorries.

Drivers can also check on the website whether their vehicle falls within or outside of the emission limits.


A great measure that should help tackle the air pollution levels in London, something Londoners are not proud of for once. Thumbs up for that initiative.

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