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How to register with the NHS

What is the NHS?

The NHS is the National Health System in the UK. It is free to use for UK residents.

How to register with the NHS

The first step to getting an NHS number is to register with a local GP (General Practitioner). The practices are called “surgeries”.

You can choose which Surgery you register with – some of them might have “catchment areas” (like schools!), so always check on their website if they have such an area, and whether your address is located within that catchment area.

You can find a list of GP (General Practitioner) surgeries near your London home, together with links to comments on each surgery by other patients on this website:

If you have children, they will need to be registered individually as well.

How to get an NHS number

To register, you will fill out one form per person, and bring it in person to the surgery of your choice for registration, together with proof of address and proof of ID. This step should therefore be taken once you have moved in. Each surgery will always indicate, on their website, what they will require for the registration.

Due to the pandemic, some surgeries now accept online registrations – always check the website first.

Once you are registered with a GP, you will automatically obtain an NHS number, which is essential in the event of an emergency hospitalisation, for example.

You will receive a letter at your address a few weeks after registering with the doctor, with your NHS number. Keep this document in your records.

What happens if I lose my NHS number?

Your NHS number will never change.

If you lose it, you can ask the NHS to send it to you:

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