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How to register for council tax

What is Council tax?

In the UK, living in a property is subject to local taxation. This is known as “Council Tax”.

How much is Council Tax?

Council tax varies from property to property.

You can find out the council tax charges for your chosen property before you move in, once you have the full postcode.

  1. Check out the band for your property:
  2. Check the council tax charges for your band, by visiting the website of your local Borough, and searching for “Council tax band”, or click on the link on the right-hand side of the Government website, on the band page.

When to register for Council Tax?

You can register as soon as your tenancy agreement is signed and, if you wish, before you move in. You will be able to indicate the date that you are moving in.

The Council Tax bill can be used as a proof of residence for a number of administrative procedures and registrations.

Single discount

Single occupancies, meaning only 1 adult occupier, receive a 25% reduction, which you can apply for as well.

  • Some Councils will let you apply for the Singles Discount at the same time as your first registration
  • Other councils will need to have registered you first, and then let you make an application on their website.

In any case, you will apply for the Discount through the Council’s website.

How to register for Council Tax

Most Councils will have a “Move-in form” on their website, whereby you can enter all your details, as well as your move-in date.

To register for Council Tax, you will require the following information :

  • Your first and last name
  • Your marital status
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address in London
  • Whether the property is rented furnished or unfurnished
  • The names and ages of all adults living with you in the property
  • Your UK bank account details in order to set up a monthly direct debit if this is your preferred method of payment
  • Your exact move-in date (which may be different from the lease start date).
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