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How to move to London successfully

Life doesn’t get much more exciting than discovering London. But with so much to see and do, the prospect of settling into your new home will probably leave you asking: where do I start? Our five steps will help you become a true Londoner in no time.

How to move to London: the guide

Before you can feel like a true Londoner, you’ll need to settle into your new home – a prospect that seems daunting and exciting in equal measure in this sprawling metropolis. Thankfully, the figures point towards a seamless transition:

  • Around 9 million people from over 270 nationalities call London home – that’s enough bums on seats to fill Wembley Stadium 100 times over – so you can rest assured you won’t be short of interesting people to meet.
  • The streets of London are lined with over 3,500 bastions of the British social scene: the pub – so you won’t struggle to find somewhere to raise a glass to good times with your new friends.
  • According to the Time Out Index 2019 – an annual global survey of urbanites – almost 80 per cent of Londoners feel happy – that means around 7 million residents are walking around with a smile on their face.

We could go on with the stats – but we think you get the idea. Now all you need is a settling in roadmap that provides you with the steps you should take before you embark on your journey.

1. Arrange everyday essentials

First things first, there’s a more mundane but essential side to settling in that must be arranged before you can get stuck into the fun stuff: everyday essentials like utilities, accounts and registrations. Don’t let these laborious tasks mount up and become a time-consuming chore – time that could be better spent meeting new people and discovering your new home.

2. Put your family first

An overseas relocation is a life-changing experience for the entire family. If you’re moving to London with your loved ones, their successful integration will be your top priority – from your spouse finding a new job to securing the kids a place at the right school. Once they’re happy, you can focus on discovering your London.

3. Meet like-minded people

How are you going to meet likeminded people when you move to London? Work is an obvious option – but you should cast your net a little wider. London is a popular way to meet new people in the capital – with groups covering everything from acrobatics to Zumba. You could even create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.

4. Harness the power of the internet

You’ve got your very own guide to London in the palm of your hand – and there’s nothing it can’t help you with. So, get your smartphone out of your pocket, download our three favourite apps and familiarise yourself with London before you arrive:

  • TimeOut – a guide to the best food and drink events, activities and attractions in London.
  • DesignMyNight – this nightlife comparison resource will help you discover some of the most unique events, experiences, restaurants, clubs and cocktail bars in London.
  • CityMapper – this comprehensive travel app will help you navigate London’s transport system.

5. Get help from the experts (optional)

Contact a relocation agent at the very start of the process. Simply London’s comprehensive range of services – home search, school search, family services, settling in and move coordination – enable them to manage the entire relocation on your behalf, so you can concentrate on settling into life in London.

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