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How to make an offer on a rental property

Once you have viewed a rental property, and you have set your heart on it, you will need to make an offer to the owner, or the letting agent if he/she was represented by an estate agent.

This offer usually includes :

  • Price per week or month (N.B. one month’s rent = 4.33 weeks)
  • Start date of the lease
  • Duration of the lease
  • Conditions for terminating/renewing the lease (optional, but recommended)
  • Special requests (repairs, additions, etc.)
  • Information that may be requested about you, such as marital status, employer, salary, etc. (optional, but recommended)

The offer may then be subject to negotiations/clarification until you reach a level which is acceptable to both parties.

Please note that an offer is not guaranteed to succeed.

A landlord has the right to choose another applicant and/or another offer without providing a specific reason.

You should therefore keep in mind that, for popular properties and locations, an offer has to be competitive in order to have a chance of being accepted.

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