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When to appeal a London state primary school decision

London’s state primary schools are full – this is the (sad) reality.

Even if the Brexit situation has eased the pressure ever so slightly, many parents see their first choice(s) for their children’s primary school turned down.

Especially for parents relocating to London from abroad, the timing of the applications, and the necessity to show a proof of UK address at the time of the application make things even more difficult for them to obtain their preferred state school(s).

It is possible to appeal a decision, however the chances to get the appeal accepted go from slim to very slim.

  • If a place at your preferred London school  has been refused because the class is already at the legal maximum number of infant pupils (30), then the chances are extremely slim. The reasons that can be invoked in that case revolve around the application of the admission criteria, or that the refusal to allocate a place was unreasonable (fairly vague, you will need to expand on that).
  • If a place at your preferred London school has been refused for another reason than the number of pupils on the class, then you can invoke more grounds to appeal. Equally the school would have to prove that the admission of the child would cause a prejudice to the school, directly or indirectly, and you would have to prove that the prejudice to your child of not being admitted at the school is larger than the one to the school.

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