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How many schools are there in London?

The British education system is a real magnet for families from all around the world. London attracts children from all ages into its world-famous schools. But how many schools are there actually in London? Too many options, or not enough for families? We explore the numbers for you.

How many schools are there in London?

There are approximately 3250 schools in London. This excludes universities.

State versus private schools in London

Approximately 15% of schools in London are independent schools (private, fee-paying schools), the remaining 85% are state schools, and other types of schools such as academies and free schools.

Selective versus non-selective schools

Most schools in London are not selective, meaning they are open to everyone.

Exceptions can be (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Private schools who set their own admission criteria (approximately 490 of them)
  • Grammar schools, which are state secondary schools with entry exams (approximately 19 of them)
  • Faith schools which also set their own admission criteria (although most criteria would not be academic, but based on religious practice). These schools represent around a quarter of London schools.

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Day schools versus boarding schools in London

Most London schools are day-schools, meaning children return home each day after school. There are only 37 boarding schools in London, most of which are independent schools.

Primary versus secondary schools in London

Lastly, most schools in London do not cover all school ages, meaning they would be either primary, secondary, sixth form, nursery, or a combination of these education phases, but rarely all of them. Only 80 schools in London are all-through, meaning start at 3/4 years old, and finish at 18/19 years old.

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